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The mountaintops of Costa Rica are blanketed almost daily in dense clouds, abd as the clouds cling to the slopes, moisture clondeses on forest trees. This constant level of moisture has given rise to an incredible diversity of innovative forms and a forest in which brealy every square inch of space has somo sort of plant growing . Within the cloud forest, the branches of huge trees are draped with epiphytic plants: orchids, ferns, and bromelias. This intense botanic competition has created an almost equally diverse population of insects, birds, and other wildlife. Monteverde Biological Reserve Cloud Forest Reserve covers 10,400 hectares of forest, including several different life zones charterized by different types of plants and animals.

Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve.

This private reserve might be the most famous parch of forest in Costya Rica. It covers some 26,000 acres of primare forest, mostly mid-elevation cloud forest with a rich variety of flora and fauna. Epiphytes thrive in the cool, misty climate. The mosf famous resident is the spectacular resplendent quetzal. There is a well-maintaned trail system, as you can visit both the Santa Elena and Sedero Tranquilo reserves. Location 167km northweast from San Jose.

The Village of Monteverde was founded in 1951 by Quakaers from the United States who wanted to leave behind a constant fear of war as well as an obligation to support continued militarism through paying US taxes. They chose Costa Rica primarily because it had no standing army. Although Monteverde´s founders came here to farm the land,they wisely recognized the need to preserve the rare cloud forest that covered the mountain slopes above fields , and to that end that they dedicated the largest adjacent tract of cloud forest as the Monteverde Biological Reserve.


For the tourist traveling through Costa Rica, a great example of how nature and modern day living can blend seamlessly with one another is found in the northern mountains of Costa Rica. Classic small town life in Monteverde, Santa Elena is much as it ever was. And that's a good thing. Santa Elena was founded back in the beginnings of the 20th century. It sits only about 2 miles west of Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve and only 3 hours from San Jose downtown. This naturally significant example of the Costa Rica´s biodiversity boasts one of the richest flora & fauna of Costa Rica. The quiet pace of life in the town is reflected in its recreation opportunities, which mainly revolve around outdoor walking trails and adventure activities at the cloud forest and Santa Elena town

Santa Elena town holds something appealing for everyone with vast and various amount of planned activities, throughout the year. For those wanting to travel around huge amounts of greenery and open space, then it is undoubtedly the place to stopover. A retreat for hikers and cyclists; it is the perfect preference for those wanting adventure and ample of fresh air, all through their holiday break. Cyclists as well as mountain bikers have an alternative of more than 60 miles of cycle tracks and roads all through the area. These paths put forward picturesque and spectacular sights across its valleys which are exceptionally well guarded and lots of paths are transformed into country railway lines and roadways, too. With stunning natural surroundings on your doorway and further main attractions for example Santa Elena Cloud forest and Children Eternal Forest, there are abundance of tourist attractions to distinguish. Santa Elena Village has old-established country shops and is ideal for art crafts. There are also good options of coffee bars, restaurants and eateries.




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